Café Del Mar Case Study

The Issue

Café Del Mar (henceforth, the Café) contacted AM Social because they wanted to drive more
targeted leads from Facebook and Instagram in addition to promoting some of their best DJs,
events, offers, and menus. Further, they wanted to build a strong social media presence. By
consequently creating social proof, they could establish themselves as an authority in the Phuket
club scene.

The Café had never run a lead generation campaign before or worked on building their social
profiles. They grasped the potential to use social media as a powerful digital marketing platform,
but they lacked the in-house expertise to do so effectively. Consequently, their potential to attract
customers was underutilized, and they knew it. Additionally, they didn’t fully understand who
their prospects were or how to find and connect with them on Instagram and Facebook. Therefore,
they came to us for much needed marketing and strategic assistance.

Our Strategy

As Facebook and Instagram specialists, our strategy naturally focused on these two platforms. On
Instagram, we concentrated on three core elements. First, we transformed existing passive followers
into an active community. Next, we gave the Café’s page an aesthetic makeover for the sake of brand
consistency. Finally, we focused on acquiring new followers to grow the community. On Facebook,
we built an ad campaign, developed a chat bot to handle the Café’s free tuk-tuk transfer service
bookings, and implemented a re-targeting campaign.

Instagram: Our first task for their Instagram account? Ensure that we had user-generated content to
share. User-generated content provides a great deal of social proof coming from actual customers
rather than staged marketing photos and videos. To do this, we incentivized customers to tag their
photos with #cafedelmarphuket by creating a monthly competition. In this case, the owner/creator
of the best shared photo would win a free brunch valued at 1500 THB. This proved to be a huge,
runaway success. They now have more than 10,000 photos and videos shared with their location and
hashtag. Also, this method is very cost effective as the business gains social proof at almost zero
cost. In this case, the Café’s customers provide free marketing material by sharing their content
with the Café’s hashtags.
Next, we created a style for their account to develop a unique, consistent aesthetic. Not only is
this visually appealing, but it also makes them stand out from the crowd as well as increase their

engagement and followers.Aconsistent aesthetic is also a key element of brand recognition (think red-
and-white for Coca Cola). The “before” and “after” photos below show the results of our “makeover.”





Finally, with a solid foundation for a top-quality Instagram account, we sought out more followers. Our method to grow and target new followers for their Instagram account consisted of following and
liking certain users’ content. In this case, they had tagged their content with the locations of nearby 5-star hotels and Phuket’s most popular beaches.

In addition, we researched hashtags and found the most popular local tags related to their business. We then started to engage with users in these hashtags by liking their content and commenting on their content, and also consistently used these hashtags in the posts that they shared.

In under 6 months, we grew their account with over 6000 targeted followers and also boosted their engagement by 157%.


Today, they have a little over 24.200 followers. More significantly, we have created a thriving community. Users love engaging with Café Del Mar’s Instagram account, and they are dominating the rankings for all their hashtags. The result of all this? Via their Instagram account, they are getting more bookings and customers than ever before. Not to mention the social proof that a big, engaging quality account provide

Facebook: To cover all bases, Café Del Mar also wanted to use Facebook ads. They had bought two TukTuk’s and were offering a free pickup service around the island to customers. We used this offer to acquire leads. To begin our Facebook ad campaign, we first had to create some high-quality video content. We put together videos for their Wednesday Yolo (nightclub theme), Saturday pool party, Latin Friday, and Sunday Brunch events. Additionally, we also shot a general nightclub video, and a video showcasing their restaurant. Whenever they held a major special event, we created videos for those as well. You can see all the videos on their You-Tube profile The second task involved building a 2-step funnel for each of the that we showed on the previous page events. We used one of our trusted, in-house templates that converts at a rate of around 30%. We also created a chat-bot for their Facebook account. The bot automated the scheduling of tuk-tuk pick-ups. Additionally, it could answer commonly-asked questions and provide general information automatically.


We then created video lead ads and targeted various specific demographics in Phuket. They included tourists, families with children, honeymooners, expats living in Phuket, Michelin diners, and Millenials who wanted a good time After clicking on the Facebook ad, the user would be redirected to the funnel above. At this point, they could click the Facebook Messenger button to schedule the free pickup. They’d then receive a Facebook message requesting the user’s desired pick-up time and location. Finally, the admin for Café Del Mar would then receive a notification with all of the information.


The final element of our strategy consisted of a re-targeting campaign. In this case, we targeted all the leads that went to the website but left without requesting their free pickup service. To entice them to return, we offered them a 20% discount code for items on the cafe’s a la carte menu in addition to the free pickup. This re-targeting campaign has a conversion rate of around 35%.


At the end of our efforts, Café de Mar Phuket’s social media presence had been transformed. “Dead” presences on Facebook and Instagram had been transformed into thriving marketing channels. Thousands of users, new and old, were liking, sharing, and talking about the Café and its content. The KPIs speak for themselves.
Our single free brunch contest led to users sharing 10,000+ unique photos and videos to tens of thousands of their friends and family at the mere cost of a free brunch - 1,500 Thai baht, or US$40. In less than 6 months we grew the Café’s account with over 6000 targeted and engaged followers, and also increased their overall average engagement rate with 157%. After our aesthetic makeover and new content strategy, follower comments increased by over 500% and user likes by a whopping 934%. We reached nearly half a million people! Today they have little over 24.200 followers and even higher engagement than the numbers above. Facebook numbers After just little over 2 months we generated around 11.800 leads! And we drastically increased the number of customers going to Cafe Del Mar. In total today, we have generated over 19.500 leads with a cost of 6975$ in ad spend. By split testing different ad sets, captions, and videos. We got their average CPR (cost per result) down to as low as 0.36$. The average spend value for each of Café Del Mar’s customers is US$30-45. This means that they have generated a total profit of a minimum US$578,000 in around 8 months from their Facebook advertisement campaign.

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