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We help your business grow through tailor-made social media marketing efforts to make your business more visible to the right customers at the right times. We are always working to create the best ROI for our customers through a data-driven approach focusing on lead generation and conversions. Our clients have full insight into all the work and receive continuous reports on the effect and results. Furthermore, we always work on the basis of 3 basic values (No Contract Binding - Transparency - Overdelivery) and based on your specific needs, and with your brand in mind, we'll create clear messages that call for action from your customers.


Hello and welcome!

I’m Andy, and as you can guess, I’m the owner & founder of AM Social.

In 2012, I got into the social media marketing business as an affiliate marketer. I gained a lot of experience with social media advertising and had great success promoting various products on different platforms. However, in 2015 I decided to follow my passion for traveling and started to work as a social media influencer in the travel and hospitality industry. I parlayed my Danish charm and my skills in social media marketing into a total of 78k+ followers. My clients at the time were hotels and airlines including Novotel, Wyndham, and Air Asia. But also restaurants, bars and nightclubs. After a couple of years traveling around Asia I decided to take things to the next level. I wanted to expand from self-promotion to directly helping other businesses build up a successful social media presence. Eventually, I wanted to do more. Rather than work on a short campaign for a provider, I wanted to more deeply engage with clients. I realized that I could do more behind the scenes. An influencer is one part of a company’s advertising campaign. Why not plan the campaign myself? I could get to know the
business better and launch more effective campaigns for my clients.

Drawing directly from my time as a travel Influencer, I can offer clients my knowledge in the tourism and hospitality industry. With my help, we'll figure out your business social media marketing needs, goals, and target audience, and determine which platforms that are best for your specific business to create the most visibility, awareness and sales. I will develop successful marketing campaigns that deliver a positive return of investment and brings you new customers every day. I also take pride in growing and nurturing client's fan-base to create an engaging community with passionate followers. My creative team of copywriters, photographers and videographers will create compelling written and visual content unique to your business in order to build and maintain your social media presence.

In today's world, it is now more important than ever to have professional video and photo that showcase a compelling story in order to create interest. We need to create a story that can capture the attention of your audience. That's why I have put together a top-notch media production team, ready to create all the necessary content for your business.

Looking back, my decision to switch from being an influencer to owning a social media marketing agency was the right choice. In this broader capacity, I’ve found my passion in creatively helping businesses achieve their social media marketing goals. My interest in travel hasn't waned. In fact, I have further integrated it into my business.  I’ve settled in Phuket, a major Southeast Asian tourist destination. It’s a tropical island with beautiful beaches, but still has the city vibe and development. I’ve started a family and AM Social here, as I can work directly with local and international travel and hospitality businesses operating in or near Phuket.